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Claim 1JBS - JBS first on IF

Category: Science & Technology:Idea Futures (and Experimental Claims) JUDGED at 0
Owner:79, jbs
Judge:0, Bank
due date:1997/01/01

The Claim

At the close of 1996 (MST) jbs@quiotix.com will be in first place on the IF scoring table. In the event of a tie for first place, this claim will pay 1/n, where n is the number of tied players.

If a new scoring system is added to IF, the scoring in use as of 3/1/96 will be used. However, if the scoring system is changed or replaced, the scoring system in use as of 1/1/97 will be used. If there is no scoring system, the claim pays 0.

Judge's Statement


The Market

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Price Plot for life of 1JBS
Last trade price: 0
Current ask price: 100
Current bid price: 0
Pairs outstanding: 100
Players participating: 3
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