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Claim AV96 - Ariane V success in 1996

Category: Science & Technology:Space JUDGED at 0
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:14, Markybot
due date:TBD

The Claim

The European Space Agency will successfully launch its Ariane Five rocket in 1996 GMT.


For the launch to be counted as a success Ariane V must place its payload onto the correct trajectories. If the payload includes several satellites they must all be correctly placed. If part of the payload fails despite being correctly placed, the mission itself will still count as a success for the purposes of this claim. For example, if a satellite is placed on a correct trajectory by the Ariane V launch system, but fails to reach the correct orbit due to failure of its own rocket systems then this does not count against the success of the launch.

Note that if the first mission fails but a later Ariane Five mission succeeds in 1996 then this claim will be judged True. If Ariane Five's first launch is postponed till beyond 1996 then the claim must be judged False.

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