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Claim ChBr - Deng dies -> China breaks up.

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
Judge:723, Mario Hilgemeier
due date:2002/02/19

The Claim

After the death of Deng Xiaoping will China remain whole or will the provinicial goverments not recognized any clear successor and take the opportunity to break into seprate nation states. To answer yes at least two portions of China, not counting Taiwan, must have their own, unrelated governments. For the answer to be judged yes one of two conditions must be met.

  1. The two states recognize no common institute to which they are responsible. This condition can occur if one of the two states claims independence even if the other state does not recognize it as independent. Each government however has to have real control over their perpective states. E.g., Taiwan and the Peoples Republic of China would count if Taiwan was included.
  2. The two states have a union along the lines of the EU but recognize each other as independent and each seek international recognition.
The breakup must be clearly defined within five years of Deng Xiaopeng's death or after the formation of the country has stabilized, whichever comes first. For example if after five years it is unclear who is in charge of some portion of China the decision will wait until the situation resolves. Furthermore if a new government is formed and clearly in power for more than five years after his death any later break up does not count.

Judge's Statement

Judgement will be based on publicly available newsmedia. If nothing drastic happens, judging date will be February 19, 2002.

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