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Claim DSpace - DSpace 1 completes mission.

Category: Science & Technology:Space JUDGED at 0
Owner:1049, Kjell M Sands
Judge:163, jim
due date:2000/11/01

The Claim

Background information: Deep Space 1 is the first deep space probe to use ion propulsion and autonomous navigation. It will not be in radio contact with ground antennas except when delivering data. This craft handles its own course corrections and will make its own decisions as to how close to approach study targets, such as asteroids. These studies are planned to take place between 6 and 3 miles from the surface; the closest approach of an unmanned craft, excluding landings. Its planned two year mission is for this craft to study up to three asteroids and possibly a comet. The launch took place on Oct. 24 1998. More information can be found at

Claim: Ion propulsion deep space probe "Deep Space 1" completes its two-year mission to visit, and perform close study (3-6 mile range), of up to three asteroids and a comet within two years. This claim will be judged "Yes" if DS1 completes at least two asteroid studies and begins to study a comet by 12:01 AM UTC Nov. 1, 2000.

Judge's Statement

I intend to judge this claim based on the precise wording, to the extent that it is unambiguous. If it is found to be ambiguous, I will interpret it based on my understanding of the owner's intent.

I will follow the progress of the mission at the NASA site http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/ds1news and, assuming it has the right information, will use that site as the primary source of data about the mission.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: it has been reported that NASA's view of this mission is different from the view expressed by the stated judgement criterion, i.e. that DS1 will complete at least two asteroid studies and begin to study a comet by 12:01 AM UTC 2000.11.01. Before buying shares, you should acquaint yourself with NASA's intended flight plan; the judgement criterion for this claim will be as stated explicitly in the last sentence of the claim.

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