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Claim IDEA - IDEA cipher cracked by 2000

Category: Science & Technology:Encryption, Factoring JUDGED at 0
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:2, Chris Hibbert
due date:2001/01/01

The Claim

An attack on IDEA will be found before 2000 UT which requires, on average, work equivalent to less than 2^126 encryptions or decryptions (including key scheduling for each encryption/decryption). This may involve up to 2^56 chosen on known texts, and may be adaptive. The attack must work against arbitrary keys. The result must be published in a refereed journal (by the judgement date).

Judge's Statement

The wording of the claim requires some interpretation. The attack must be reported in a refereed journal by 1/1/2001. (Does anyone know of any refereed journals which would publihs this kind of material? I don't.) The cover date of the issue reporting the attack must be before 1/1/2001. Since most journals come out well before the end of the month on the cover, I'll feel free to judge by 1/1/2001. (Most journals come out the previous month, so journals dated 12/2000 are likely to come out by 12/1/2000. If someone points out that a relevant journal publishes on a slower schedule, I'll wait to judge until identified, relevant journals have appeared.) Time zones are irrelevant for the journal publication.

The attack needs only to have been reported in a journal article before 1/1/2000. It would be sufficient for the journal's referees to accept the claim that the attack works against arbitrary keys and requires only the amount of effort described in the claim.

This statement used to include the following paragraph. I believe the entire paraagraph is incorrect, and leave it here for historical purposes:

The attack must have been successful in practice before 1/1/2000 as reported in the Journal, or independently by the authors. (This is interpretation on my part. The claim says an attack "will be found by 2000 UT." I think it's reasonable to interpret that as requiring that the success have been demonstrated in practice, not just by abstract argument. The claim later requires that the "attack must work against arbitrary keys," so I think a demonstration is implicit.) If the timing is close, I'm willing to be as lenient as possible on time zones. If the attack is successful before the calendar turns to 1/1/2000 everywhere on earth, I'll count it.

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