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Claim InJo4 - Indiana Jones IV movie release

Category: Arts & Entertainment:Movies JUDGED at 0
Owner:69, Kreme
Judge:163, jim
due date:2001/01/01

The Claim

By 2000/12/31 a new movie will be released in the Indiana Jones series. In order for a film to qualify it must meet all of the following:

  1. Produced and/or Directed by George Lucas and/or Steven Spielberg,
  2. Star Harrison Ford,
  3. Use the character name "Indiana Jones" or a substantially similar name for Harrison Ford's role,
  4. Be a substantially new film, not a remastering or compilation of previous footage,

If any one of the previous conditions is not met, the claim will pay 0.

Background: A rumored script is being worked on, or perhaps has been completed, depending on whom you chose to believe. There is some information at the site http://www.corona.bc.ca/films/details/indy4.html

Here's the latest:January 14, 1998... This scooper claims to have heard from an inside source in DreamWorks that there are some 'hard' facts established for what will become the nest Indy picture. The scooper claims that the next film will be set after World War Two, and that Indy will have a wife and a daughter and possibly other family members. Sean Connery is planned to return as Indy's Dad. The casting would be finished by March, and so the scooper is assuming something official will be heard around then. But we've got to say this (because we know if we don't, we'll get the email): is the scooper's source working at DreamWorks but privy to the details of a Paramount franchise?? [Scoop handed in by Stephen Alonzo Jackson.]

Don't know if any of this is true, but the rumors on this project have been flying for 4 years now, and Harrison Ford is getting old. If the film is going to be made, it has to be made fairly soon.

Judge's Statement

The "Background" remarks and conjectures are not material to the claim, and the appearance or non-appearance of Indiana Jones' family members would not affect the judgement. Especially immaterial is the specious observation that Harrison Ford is getting old: born in 1942, he's only a few years older than this judge, and is thus suitable for all applications and roles into the indefinite and/or foreseeable future, especially romantic and adventurous ones. But I digress.

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