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Claim MJ06 - Michael Jackson found guillty

Category: Misc:Religion, New Age, etc JUDGED at 0
Owner:6560, kochiboy
Judge:5458, Arrectis Auribus
due date:2006/02/01

The Claim

Michael Jackson will be found guilty of a felony in a US Court of Law before February 1, 2006.

Judge's Statement

Just so we're all clear, the subject of this claim is Michael Jackson, recording artist and self-proclaimed "King of Pop," currently free on bond while facing charges of child molestation in California.

This claim will be judged by its wording and its date, i.e. if a plea bargain is arranged next month in which Jackson admits to a misdemeanor offense, it will not result in any judgment, TRUE or FALSE, since he could still be charged with a different crime before the due date of Feb 1, 2006.

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