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Claim MbrgG7 - G7 Marburg deaths >499 by 8/05

Category: News:Disasters JUDGED at 0
Owner:45, Baldrson
Judge:38, highlander
due date:2005/08/15

The Claim

In March 2005 the World Health Organization (WHO) retroactively identified Marburg hemorrhagic fever as the cause of an outbreak that started in Angola in October 2004. This claim will be judged YES if 500 or more people are killed in the G7 countries by Marburg hemorrhagic fever between the beginning of this outbreak and the due date.

If WHO (at http://www.who.int/csr/don/archive/disease/marburg_virus_disease/en/ or an equivalent WHO page) reports that 500 or more people have died in the G7 countries of Marburg hemorrhagic fever from October 2004 and by the due date, the claim will be judged YES. If WHO stops reporting deaths, the judge may choose another suitable source, such as the CDC. The intent is that the outbreak be the identified entity, so if the purported identity of the virus responsible for the outbreak changes during the period of the claim the intended meaning of the claim shall remain the same. In all other cases the claim will be judged NO.

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