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Claim PMHz - 150-250MHz Pentium by 20Feb97

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Technology & Benchmarks JUDGED at 50
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:0, Bank
due date:1997/02/20

The Claim

This is a scaled claim based on the maximum available clock speed of an Intel(R) Pentium(R) or Pentium Pro by 20th February 1997. If the clock speed reaches n MHz by the end of 20Feb97 GMT then the pay-out to YES coupons will be given by the formula (n-150) in cents. If n is 150 or less the pay-out is zero and if n is 250 or more the pay-out is $1. Clarification Only chips which are announced by Intel as commercially available to traders by the closing date will count. I.e. they must be in volume production and ready for shipping. Any demonstration prototype, samples or version limited to special users such as military or research institutes will not count, nor will beta-test versions. The clock speed used will be Intel's stated value for the processor, not any higher value at which it can be made to work by overclocking. Non-Intel Clones do not count Any processor released by Intel with "Pentium" in its official name will be eligible. It will only count at its rated speed if it is able to execute virtually all of the Pentium instruction set at the specified clock rate and in the same number of cycles as the 133MHz Pentium or 150MHz Pentium Pro. In cases where the number of cycles is increased for an important instruction the speed will be derated in proportion. The speed will not be derated if there is waiting due to the slower bus speeds. A processor will not be disqualified on the grounds that it has a fault unless that fault results in the processor being withdrawn by Intel without being replaced before the closing date. It does not matter if the processor has some obsolete, or rarely used, instructions which don't function or which cannot run at full speed. Pin compatibility is not an issue. For latest product information consult the Intel Home Page at http://www.intel.com/

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