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Claim Tach - Time communication possible.

Category: Science & Technology:Physics JUDGED at 0
Judge:73, Karl Hallowell
due date:2000/07/01

The Claim

There has been intensive research on time communication to the future and pass. Basically what one needs, is a signal which can travel faster than light. Tachyons are theoretical particles which have a negative mass (not antimatter) therefore, when these particles exceed the speed of light, their mass obtains a positive mass, making them appear in this realm. In the near future, scientist will be able to develop a machine sensitive enough to detect these particles in a more abundant matter and be able to transmit information to the future and pass.

Judge's Statement

I've asked the FX administrators to set the judgement deadline to July 1, 2000. My decision is provisional, but no changes will be made unless there is a strong reason (from my point of view) for extending the deadline. This fulfills the requirement that the claim be decided "in the near future". For example, the "fairness" of a deadline change is not an issue. Tach had effectively no judge. Until now, no attempt was made to set a deadline. My view is "let the buyer beware". A deadline extension could be granted if an experiment (into this exact phenomena) would yield data a little before the deadline. The extension would be at most a month in this case (time enough to get a preprint or talk to the researchers in question). Comments or questions can be emailed to me at hallowel@math.unc.edu.

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