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Claim C60$99 - Buckyball price Sept 1999

Category: Science & Technology:Technology JUDGED at 100
Owner:396, rwdaniel
Judge:723, Mario Hilgemeier
due date:1999/09/30

The Claim

This is a scaled claim that pays out according to the price of 100 grams of Carbon 60 (buckyballs, or buckminster fullerene), 99.5% pure, in U.S. dollars, shipping and handling not included, on Sept 30, 1999. The Payoff for YES coupons (in credicents) = (price-$1000)/15. If the price is > $2500, the payoff is 100 cents. If the price is < $1000, the payoff is 0.

The lowest price I could find is $2495, as of August 1, 1997 from Southern Chemical Group. Dynamic Enterprises Limited sells the same stuff for $2750.

The price must be available to anyone; government or educational discounts do not apply.

Judge's Statement

Update 1999-03-29: The claim will be judged using the lowest price available. Current value of one coupon is 1.00 FX$.

If exactly 99.5 % pure C60 is not available, grades of higher purity (e.g. 99.9 %) are taken into account.

The help and expertise of claim holders that supply reliable information sources is much appreciated. If you find other price lists on the net, please let me know. On request, I will withhold submitted information.

From about 1999-08-31 opinions should be voiced on fx-claims with C60$99 in the subject line.

If the wording is found to be ambiguous I will judge on the basis of the perceived intent. If the intent is ambiguous I will judge on the basis of precise wording.

The Market

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