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Claim Y2Kstk - Y2K closes US Stock trading

Category: Finance:US Finance JUDGED at 0
Owner:38, highlander
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:2000/03/20

The Claim

Between 1999/6/1 and 2000/3/1 trading will be officially stopped at least one day upon which trading would be normally scheduled to occur,for at least two of the publicly traded, Fortune 150 companies according to at least one major financial publication including the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, The Financial Times of London, The London Economist or official correspondence/publications of the SEC or correspondence/publications of the officers of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ or the American stock exchange-and reference to this publication will be posted to fx-discuss@ideosphere.com or alternative communications channel selected by the judge(and listed in the judges statement). For this claim to be judged "YES", trading must be stopped on the _same_ day for at at least two of these companies in at least one exchange for reasons other than the annoucement of a merger or acquisition. Stoppage of trading must occur over some 24 hour period(i.e. if trading stops the latter half of one day and the first half of one day this counts, if trading stops the latter half of two adjacent days this would not count--usually when trading is officially stopped because of drop in stock prices, the trading will be stopped only part of a day). Conversion of a public traded company to a privately held company will not count as a cessation of trading.

Trading in major US stock exchanges can be legally halted because of large drops in stock market valuation. It is also plausible that either a panic in anticipation of the Y2K problem or problems related to the running of the US financial system could cause such a problem. Even if scheduled in advance a closing of the NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX other than on a weekend or holiday which has been celebrated is past years or a new holiday upon which it is proposed markets will be closed in future years would cause this claim to be judged YES. In the event that any two of the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, the Financial Times of London, or London Economist suspend publication on the same day making it difficult to determine the exact state of financial markets, this claim will be judged "YES"(i.e. similtaneous cessation of publication of any two of these is assumed to indicate a sigificant break in financial infrastructure). For this claim to be Judged Yes, appropriate information must be published the financial publications or official channels listed above by 2000/4/10.

For purposes of this claim the Fortune 150 companies in America will be the 150 largest companies listed companies in Fortune magazine in April 1998: (available at http://www.pathfinder.com/fortune/fortune500/500list.html)

The intent of specifying that citations which might cause this claim to be judged "YES" be publicy posted is to remove from the judge the obligation to monitor the publications specified in this claim. The judge is free to judge this claim "no" unless public objections are raised by the judgement date with verifiable citations in the sources listed.

Judge's Statement

For the purposes of this claim, merging of companies does not count as cessation of trading.

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